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BHP Billiton Iron Ore once ran Australia's highest horse power locomotives in the form of the General Electric AC6000.
Incorporating a 6000 horsepower 7HDL16 prime mover with a displacement of 175 litres! And AC traction.
These units far out perform the older Dash 8 locomotives, and this is the only place these units can be found outside the USA.

All 8 locos are named:
6070 - Port Hedland.
6071 - Chichester.
6072 - Hesta.
6073 - Fortesque.
6074 - Kalgan.
6075 - Newman.
6076 - Mount Goldsworthy.
6077 - Nimingarra.
These names where originally on the Dash 7 fleet which the units replaced.

Livery and serial no. info for each unit can be found here BHPBilliton Locomotive Roster Page.

6076 was the first AC6000 to be repainted in the new bubble scheme in September 2003.
6075 was repainted in October 2007, 6073 in March 2008 and 6070 in June 2008. The rest of the fleet wear the BHP blue scheme.
All these units were re-engined during overhaul with the new 6000 hp GEVO-16 primemover. This was carried out to trial the engine prior to GE producing 6250 hp Evolution Series ES59ACi units for China.

Following a derailment at Turner class leader 6070 was written off due to frame damage.
In October 2014 the remaining 7 units along with the remaining SD40 units were scrapped at Sell & Parker's yard in Wedgefield, WA.
Images covering some of this can be found here.

Technical information:

BuiltJan / Feb 1999
Length76 ft / 23.165 m
Height15 ft 2 in / 4.623 m
Mass436,600 lbs / 198 tonnes
EngineGE 7HDL-16A / GEVO-16
AlternatorGE 5GMG201
Traction motorsGE 5GEB13
Power4476 kW / 6000 HP
Tractive effortStarting: 200,000 ft/lbs / 890 kN
Continuous: 166,000 ft/lbs / 738 kN @ 19.2kph
Speed100 km/h
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thumb thumb thumb 6077 3091 30K 6071 3083 30K 6072 3096 Gillam 6072 3081 Redbank 6070-3085_walla 6070-3089_gj 6073-3084_bing 6072-3087_bing 6072-5661_hed 6073_lathe 6073_lathe 6073_lathe 6073-5648-6075_lops 6074-3084_17k 6074-3088_cowra 6074-3088_hesta 6074-3088_226k 6074-3088_shaw 6074-3088_garden 6075_bing 6075_np-cd3 6075-30_abydos 6075-3090_gj 6075-3090_hed 6076-3082_mooka 6076-3091_shaw 6076-3091_abydos pic 6076-3091_76k 6076-3091_tr13 6077_lops 6077-3085_tr13 6077-56_hed

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