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Western Creek area pt2.

Western Creek area pt2.

2018-07-22 Roland Depth 4 Rio Tinto GE 9-44CW

Continuing on with the Western Creek area, here's a shot taken by Toad Montgomery back on 10th January 2005 with Robe owned C44-9W unit 9434 leading an empty train along the Western Creek line from Cape Lambert at the Robe 76 km post with the 236 waggons snaking along behind. The lines to the left are Emu, the north end of the duplicated Hamersley Iron Tom Price line to Dampier (later on they became Emu #3 and #4 Roads) with the line running upgrade in the distance being the Robe line to Deepdale. The train is about to pass signal EM5 which is behind the camera. This line has now become the Western Creek West Mainline and #2 Road Emu and joins the Tom Price line at the 80.21 km instead of the 78.4 km (HI chainage).


Hey, Love The Blog. Do You have any Pictures of the Remains of the Pilbara Railways Historical Society and the Pithed ALCOs?
Thanks Ned

Yes mate we do, have a look at the gallery, mainly have a look here, https://www.pilbararailways.com.au/gallery/index.php?cat=5

Admin Team.

Hello, I am interested in obtaining HO scale models and/or decal sets for the Pilbara Railways DASH-9 or C44-9W. I am willing to have custom decal sets made if necessary. If anyone custom paints and decals can you please provide me with their contact information. Any assistance/guidance you can give me would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
Carl Chancey
Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA

G'day Carl,

Kelso Shops do the correct cab for the C44-9W units. https://www.kasloshops.com/products/hc-04

Otherwise there isn't any in the ready to run market that I'm aware of. You could also try Railpage models forum, https://www.railpage.com.au/f-f20.htm


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