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If you'd like to know more about the operations you can try the following:
Railpage Australia™ and check the forums, or the Pilbara Activity thread.
The WArail Groups.io newsgroup.
Back issues of both the ARHS monthly, Railway Digest or the bimonthly Motive Power magazines have Pilbara articles on a regular basis.
The book "Railways in the Pilbara" by John Joyce and Allan Tilley, printed in 1979 also provides an early look at the area.
A number of VHS and DVD tittles have been produced that cover the Pilbara operations, available from hobby shops & the web. We don't produce or sell videos and or DVD's.
Titles include:
"Moving Mountains", by Searchlight Video, filmed in 1994. Now available as a DVD through ALCoWorld.
"Iron Rails", by Derrick Enterprises, filmed in the 90's.
"Pilbara Power 1995 and 2001", by Trackside Video, filmed in 1995 and 2001.
"Just Pilbara Trains", by Train Pictures, filmed in 2001.
"Just Pilbara Trains 20005" parts 1 and 2. By Train Pictures, and filmed in 2005.
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