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Most viewed - 01-2016
160128 00383266 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, lined up waiting biding their time, three years separate these Goninan rebuilds CM40-8M unit 5642 serial 8281-07/92-131 and final unit 5669 CM40-8MEFI model serial 8412-02/95-160. The only differences visible are the pressed metal handbrake wheel and cast one, snow plough of 42 and the marker lights on 69.
160128 00378226 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, like a dog with a bone, the 40 tonne excavator has a hold of former BHP Billiton Goninan rebuild CM40-8M locomotive 5661 serial 8412-06/94-152.
160128 0000224 viewsSee 5661 reduced to frame level in just over 7 minutes.
A 176 tonnes locomotive is no match for a 40 tonne CAT excavator with a T-Rex type hydraulic set of shears.
160128 00380209 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, surrounded by remains, the last unit of 4 GE CM39-8 units built new in 1988 by Goninan WA, 5633 serial 5831-12/88-082 has its back to the scrapping while rebuilt sibling 5636 looks on.
160128 00384203 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, another line up with the front and back views of two Goninan rebuild models CM40-8MEFI 5669 and 5668 and two CM40-8M models 5641 and 5660, again the only differences are no marker lights on 5641 and it has a snow plough.
160128 00393192 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, General Electric V16 7FDL-16 prime mover from CM40-8M 5664.
160128 00394190 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, the ALCo remains of Goninan rebuild CM40-8ML (cabless, but cab fitted in 1996) 5664 serial 8412-09 / 94-155, the ALCo Hi-Ad bogies and fuel tanks of original ALCo M636 Comeng NSW built 5491 serial C6084-7.
160128 00386189 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, upturned bogie from recently scrapped new built Goninan CM39-8 unit 5632. Bogie is of a GE floating bolster design, serial 1-10-87.
160128 00413A182 viewsView of the stripped out cab - drivers console of Goninan built CM39-8 unit 5631, serial no. 5831-10, builders no. 88-080.
160128 00385179 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, Goninan rebuild CM40-8M 5660 serial 8412-05/94-151 surrounded by remains and sibling units.
160128 00400174 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, traction motors from CM39-8 unit 5632, more than likely GE 752AF units.
160128 00403172 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, drivers side cab view of the ALCo Hi-Ad bogie with external secondary coil suspension of the original M636 unit 5478.
160128 00395170 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, the remains of Goninan rebuild CM40-8ML (cabless, but cab fitted in 1996) 5664 serial 8412-09/94-155 hood and dynamic brake module.
160128 00402155 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, intact bogie from CM39-8 unit 5632, build date 11-87, GE floating bolster design.
160128 00404153 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, front view of Goninan rebuilt GE model CM40-8M 5660 serial 8412-05, builders no. 94-151.
160128 00406137 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, rear view of Goninan rebuilt GE model CM40-8M 5641 serial 8281-06, builders no. 92-130 flanked either side by later rebuilds 5660 and 5668. Note the newer rebuilds have marker lights while 41 has none.
160128 00407137 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, rear view of Goninan rebuilt GE model CM40-8MEFI 5669 serial 8412-02, builders no. 95-160 flanked on the left by sister unit 5668 and on the right by older CM40-8M 5642. Note the newer rebuilds have marker lights while 42 has none but has a snow plough on the no. 2 end. Also note the roof access ladder rungs have been removed.
160128 00416132 viewsView of the cab roof of Goninan rebuild GE model CM40-8M 5654, serial 8412-11, builders no. 93-145, shows tropical roof, marker and head lights, aerials, sand filling hatch covers wipers and strobe light in place of single trumpet horn.
160128 00410129 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, this image shows three different types of the Dash 8 units. On the left 5654 is a GE model CM40-8M Goninan rebuild of a Comeng built ALCo M636, in the middle is new built GE model CM39-8 by Goninan 5633 and on the right is 5636 which is a GE model CM40-8M Goninan rebuild of an AE Goodwin built ALCo C636.
160128 00882123 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, view looking at the inside of the cab front wall and the ALCo Hi-Ad bogie shows the external coil secondary suspension.
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