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08/2014. FMG Updated text to reflect mainline duplication and Solomon line.
08/2014. BHP Loco Roster Updated text and SD70 numbers.
20/09/2013. BHP Loco Roster Updated text and SD70 numbers.
14/08/2013. Site upgrade to pages following my return to the Pilbara.
14/08/2013. BHP Loco Roster Updated text and SD70 numbers.

21/02/2012. South Australia Siding Added an old 2003 video and upgraded the Eyre Peninsula pics!

11/09/2010. SD70ACe Siding added new unit details.
11/09/2010. BHPB Loco Roster added new units and loco names.
29/04/2010. FMG Road have now got the images in chronological order.
16/04/2010. BHPB Loco Roster updated for stored SD40 units and naming of SD70ACe units.
18/02/2010. Index new splash entry added.

24/09/2009. BHP Dash 8 Siding photos added of the cab-less units.
13/09/2009. FMG Road 11 photos added.
13/09/2009. All BHP Road and sidings have started to be updated and expanded.
12/09/2009. BHP Road updated and expanded.
08/09/2009. A radio frequency file download in PDF format here!
15/01/2009. SD70ACe Siding updated with revised text and new pix.
15/01/2009. BHPB Loco Roster updated for new SD70ACe arrivals.

30/11/2008. BHPB Loco Roster more shots added.
15/06/2008. SD70ACe Siding Uploaded photos of new SD70ACe 'Pumpkins'.
03/06/2008. FMG Road Updated operating info.
18/03/2008. Link added to Pilbara rail map.
10/03/2008. BHPB Loco Roster updated for recent repaints.
03/03/2008. FMG Road more text and pics added.
13/02/2008. FMG Road more text and pics added.
02/02/2008. FMG Road text updated. Some code mods to view pics easier.

Late 2007. FMG Road added and other work to change the site over to a new domain: www.pilbararailways.com.au.

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